Why 2RV Vertical Spindle Pumps

2RV vertical spindle pumps have a reputation for being the best choice in vertical spindle pumps available. Most people link this to their patented bubble sealing system and the bottom pump chamber design, which is like that of an overturned container submerged into water.

This traps air and creates a barrier that seals the pump shaft. As long as the pump structure remains intact, water is prevented from entering the pump and reaching the bearings. This solves one of the most common problems associated with vertical spindle pumps: Contamination of the bearings, causing excessive wear.

On most conventional vertical spindle pumps, the pump bearing housing is flooded when the pump is being used. This causes water or other substances to contaminate the bearings and shortens their lifespan of the pump and lowers the efficiency of the pump. The 2RV bubble sealing system solves this problem and allows for more efficiency and longer bearing life.

2RV Vertical Spindle Pumps balance the force load by using opposing outlets. This eliminates vibration and creates a pump that runs smoother. It also prevents accidental pump phase reversal, which means the pump impeller won't be dislodged and the pump won't be harmed.

In addition to the bubble sealing system protecting the bearings, 2RV Pumps manufacture all pumps using the best available quality materials. The result is a pump that is corrosion-resistant and has world class wear properties.

Because of the high chrome and urethane content of the pump suction cover, pump casing and pump impeller, 2RV Pumps can withstand even the most extreme conditions.