Slurry Pumps vs. Water Pumps 

Transporting slurry from one site to another takes the right pumps and parts to get the job done. Choosing the appropriate pumps is critical since different designs generate unique results, with the most popular being a slurry pump and a water pump. 

A pump, in general, is a mechanical device that transforms materials into hydraulic energy, but the process changes depending on the medium. Consider the following questions to help you determine the purpose of your pump:

Other factors to consider when choosing the right pump includes the media, pressure rate, temperature, suction head, and the discharge head.

Slurry Pumps vs. Water Pumps 

Water pumps are the most common devices, but a slurry pump is specifically designed to cater to liquid with some form of solids mixed into the components such as gravel, copper, or sand. Some slurry also has solvents instead of solids, which includes acids, alcohols, or petroleum.

Either way, you need a slurry pump to handle these mixed liquids since it’s made from specialized components. Unlike a water pump, a slurry pump will have durable materials that allow it to move solvents or solids in a safe manner. 

A water pump would be the wrong choice if the liquid contains other particles since the device doesn’t have the optimal hydraulic capacity to efficiently move solid parts. It can also break down since materials like gravel, copper, and sand can be abrasive, while chemicals can easily corrode it. 

Different Slurry Pump Installations

Not all slurry pumps are suitable for various environments. Moving forward, there are three types of slurry installations to consider: 

The Bottom Line: Understanding What Makes Slurry Pumps Special 

Choosing the right pump for your slurry transportation is crucial since it will have a significant impact on the device’s efficiency and effectiveness. Moving non-water and abrasive slurry can be extremely damaging to other pumping products, that’s why slurry pumps are ideal since it’s specially made to handle harsh elements and coarse-grained liquids of any type. 

Why Choose Egger Pumps?

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