Slurry Pumps

Slurry is not like other fluids, mainly because it usually contains solids of varying sizes, so our slurry pumps need to be specifically designed and manufactured to cope with these challenges. We at 2 R V Pumps know first- hand the physical stresses made on pumps which are used for slurry dispersion.

Slurry pumps are made for high wearing and heavy duty applications. Our pumps and replacement parts are used in various industries like mining, mineral processing, power generation or any type of slurry pumping application. We specialise in handling the roughest and maximum abrasive applications.

Slurry pumps face the usual operating conditions that affect industrial pumps including high pressure, temperature, vibration and noise, but our slurry pumps and motors operate in a highly abrasive environment that makes them even more susceptible to failures, unplanned downtime and high operating costs.

2 RV Pumps slurry pumps are high reliability; high efficiency pumps capable of handling even the most abrasive slurries with ease.

Our range of slurry pumps are high quality, super duty and are worth incredible value. They of course come with the same 1st class service levels you expect with all our products.

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