Sewage Pumps

Our Sewage pumps are designed to deal effectively with a wide range of diverse, typically solid or ragladen substrates including raw sewage, screened sewage, storm water and fibrous liquids. Sewage pumps transport sewage and untreated waste water. They are most commonly used in municipal waste water treatment plants but also in buildings and private homes which cannot be connected to the municipal sewer due to the natural slope of the terrain.

What separates sewage pumps from ordinary sump pumps is their ability to handle solids.

Although they're not designed to pump large volumes at a time, sewage pumps are built with heavy-duty materials and components to withstand the worst elements.
There are two primary applications for sewage pumps:Look for a pump constructed of cast-iron with a reliable switch. This heavy-duty material should ensure a long and reliable life for your sewage pump. If you've ever installed one you know it can be a dirty, smelly job, so the less often you need to do it, the better.

Sewage pumps are great for this application because they have a larger intake to pass solids. Sewage from the accommodation is handled by a special system where the sewage pump is an important part.

At 2RV Pumps we supply many different types of sewage pumps - both progressive cavity and centrifugal pumps. Some degree of solids and particles should be expected in the sewage water so a pumps with an open impeller is a great alternative. Call 2RV Pumps for high quality sewage pumps for all your applications.