Pumps for rent

At 2RV Pumps we offer the flexible services of renting out our pumps to businesses., with a wide range of rental pumps available, we can assist you with the ideal selection, that will suit your budget and project requirements.

The following attributes must be considered when renting:
Durability - a water pump with longevity means that it will definitely last you for the duration of your project. You won't need to rent another pump to achieve the initial efficiency and capacity you received.

High quality - This will avoid breakdown and worse, falling behind deadlines and possible loss of your project or contract.

We offer various types of pumps for rent:

Self-priming centrifugal pumps are ideal for rent. They are simple to service, require minimal maintenance, and have proved themselves as long lasting, profitable work horses.
2RV Pumps provides our customers with the most up to date pump for rent equipment and professional backup service. Technical advice for the pump that you are renting is always freely available, ensuring that you get the most accurate information available, allowing you to make the best decision for your proposed pump for rent application.

Our trademarks are our wealth of pump hiring experience combined with in-depth product knowledge, ensuring the best pump for rent service around. Our large fleet of vehicles enables us to get your pumps to you promptly and efficiently, ensuring that you are covered when and where you need to be.

Our pump for rent services are both cost-effective and versatile, as we strive to meet the client's expectations in the most efficient way possible.

Call 2RV Pumps for top notch pump hiring services, with standby repair and maintenance services. We understand that your business may run all day and all night and that is why we always have a team available for our maintenance and repair services included in hiring of our pumps.