Pump Repairs | 2RV Pumps

The 2RV Pumps engineering workshop with its dedicated machining equipment is supremely enabled for all forms of pump REPAIRS and RECONDITIONING.

We recondition to the highest standards for the product or unit to perform as originally Designed!

We also perform the following REPAIR & RECONDITIONING  services:

   •   Gearbox reconditioning.

   •   General engineering.

   •   Turbine reconditioning.

   •   Shaft repairs.

   •   Blower reconditioning: all types of positive displacement units.

   •   Motor reconditioning: refurbishments of all size motors.

Our  REPAIR &  RECONDITIONING services overhaul the following:

   •   Submersible De-watering & Sewerage.

   •   Multistage Pumps

   •   End suction Pumps

   •   Splitcase Pumps

   •   Vacuum Pumps

   •   Boiler feed Pumps

   •   Vertical spindle Pumps

   •   Diaphragm Pumps

   •   Weld repairs

   •   Specialised coatings

   •   Metal stitching

   •   Machining

   •   Line boring

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