The Benefits of Borehole Pumps

If you're reading this, then it should come as no surprise to learn that South Africa is experiencing a serious water crisis. But it's not only the drought that is to blame – our municipal water infrastructure has left a lot to be desired. A problem we've had far longer than our actual water crisis – South Africa has finally reached a “tipping point” in terms of incompetent water treatment facilities and contaminated drinking water. Although the current (April 2016) problem is mostly quality rather than quantity, the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) has warned that continued growth in the population combined with climate change could result in serious water shortages in most parts of the country by 2025.

As South Africans struggle to deal with what many are calling the worst water crisis ever recorded in South African history, many homes, businesses, schools, hospitals, clinics and farms have started to install their very own boreholes. Consisting of a narrow drilled hole filled with a casing with inlet holes at the level from which the water is to be pulled, a pump is used to supply suction to draw the water from the ground. But since boreholes are quite narrow, there aren't many types of pumps that can easily fit inside, which is why the best types of borehole pumps are either line shaft turbine pumps or submersible electric pumps.

Borehole Pumps Can Extract up to 20 000 Litres of Water a Day

Accumulated from rainfall and underground springs, there are currently billions of cubic metres of fresh ground water right under our feet. A resource more valuable than gold, a borehole pump can extract up to 20 000 litres of that water a day for you, for FREE! When utilising your own underground water from your own private supply, apart from the drilling costs, as well as the little bit of electricity used to power your borehole pump, you will notice enormous savings each month. Yes, borehole pumps not only use less energy to extract water than it does to obtain drinking water from your tap, but they are also a lot healthier.

Alleviating water shortages and bringing superior quality water to homes and businesses throughout South Africa – borehole pumps are simply the top economic and environmental choice that can offer homes, businesses, schools, hospitals, clinics and farms unlimited access to thousands of litres of clean water a day.

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