At 2RV Pumps we supply a vast range of Borehole Pumps to fit your specific need.

The end suction pumps that we supply are single stage centrifugal, non-self-priming, volute pumps. These borehole pumps feature horizontal shaft components with axial suction and impellers and radial discharge ports. Pumps volute chamber and impellers are carefully designed to give the best possible and suction lift characteristics.
Most modern and highly sophisticated machinery and technology are employed in the manufacture of these pumps using quality raw material, dynamically balanced impellers, seals and ball bearing to ensure long life.
We supply the best service and pricing for accreditation of your borehole. Put us to the test!


Agricultural Borehole Pump Supply

With a year round dependence on water, a farm is an ideal beneficiary of a private water supply. A reliable source of fresh water for livestock and crops will aid operations and improve produce quality. Whilst a reduced expenditure on water will help yield a greater profit and improve competitiveness against rival national and international farms.

Industrial Borehole Pump Supply

Water is a key resource in a wide range of manufacturing processes, but is not always accessible in large quantities or at the required pressure without a private supply. Cost savings from a reduced price per cubic metre increases competitiveness within the industry, with an installed borehole also proving an additional asset to the business.

Leisure Borehole Pump Supply

Those that own and operate leisure facilities such as holiday lodges and caravan parks often benefit tremendously from a private borehole. Swimming and showering facilities, along with water intensive amenities, such as an on-site launderette, can cause a huge demand for water. Borehole water supplies help to lower ongoing water related costs.

Call 2RV Pumps for top of the range high quality borehole pump supply for your borehole. Our team will assist you in the best pump in town at bargain prices. All our pumps are issued with performance test certificates.